Plush Wishes :Sewing, Fun and Lifestyle in a Fashionably fat body.

Sewing, Fashion , Fun and Lifestyle in a Fashionably Fat body.

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I broke the internet! Well, actually it was one of my favorite Facebook groups! Rad Patterns is one of my favorite sources for patterns. What I really love about them is the size range, they are even going to size up to 6x! That is super exciting and makes DIY clothing and sewing more accessible to MORE bodies.

This post had over 1.2K Likes and over 400 comments. Lots of positive feedback!

Text of my Post.

I really really love rad patterns ! Sewing has done so much for me and many fat / body positive people that sew.
Honestly, its quite liberating , often you can not always find things in your taste or style in in your size. Do you know after a certain size some folks just give up wearing things they like or feeling good in clothes!? They shouldn't have to.
Options are limited even when making your own clothes. I really want to give Kudos to this space for working towards being inclusive. Going up to a 68 inch hip is amazing, (I have 72 inch hip today) .
Are there hacks / tips for sizing things to infinity and beyond?
I made the play suit into swim suit and I love it! I can't wait to take better pics.(ignore my raggedy bathroom)

 Pattern is the 4x PlaySuit By RadPatterns


  1. I love this! ♥️😩 Adorable. 😍

  2. I love seeing you light up my feed! Keep those makes coming 🖤 and keep breaking the internet in the best way


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